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Most indie developers have at least a few worthy games they have worked on in the past, so what have I worked on?

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PinkWinterGames may sound pretty new to you guys and the indie community, and there is a good reason for that...It is new! But, that's not to say I'm new to indie development, my old development team went by the name of AOUProductions. To some that name may ring a few bells, to others it's most likely just as obscure as PinkWinterGames. At AOUProductions I worked on three individual games, one of which could be classed as an indie hit/success. The first project I worked on was Purgatory, a horror game set in a long labyrinth of tunnels, the game was praised heavily by a portion of the indie community, even going as far as to say it was the greatest horror indie game of early 2013. It also became popular on YouTube through some of the most popular Lets Players doing videos on it, and in part, enjoying it thoroughly. The second game I worked on was a sequel to Purgatory...Lets leave it there about that game, suffice to say it was a flop, created only due to fan demand. The third game I worked on alone was SCP-015, the game was doing great and had started to build popularity, but, unfortunately I just didn't feel it and decided it was best to leave the game in beta and move on to something better. That's where Dead Point comes in, I am a huge fan of the old, PS1 era survival horror games, and creating one by myself has always been a huge dream of mine. I would like to think I have the required skills needed in order to create a good series, but, only time will tell.
Any questions, feel free to comment!

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