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W.Essense v0.90a released! Play it online or see downloads section for Win/Mac/Linux versions

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W.Essense v0.90a released:
Play it online at

[x] Dragons added:
- Three mighty Dragons inhabit Island
- Dragons are huge and deadly - be warned
- Dragons guard gold. Lots of gold!

[x] Aura - expiration indication implemented:
- bright initially, starts fading down in 100 turns before the expiration
- aura rotation speed slows down every turn within 100 turns of expiration

[x] Monoliths improved:
- now can be found in Caves too
- unclaimed Monoliths grant random aura upon claiming if player does not have an aura already
- monoliths (both claimed and unclaimed) recharge player's existing aura when visited

[x] Spell scrolls could now be sold at 50% discount, instead of -1 gold
[x] Occupied Castle expanded to accomodate for treasure chests
[x] Touch-friendly auto-attack implemented, turns off when health drops to % of health (see "Options")
[x] Game tuning options are now listed in "options" menu - for replay purposes (see "Options")
[x] Minimap changes: snow is gray, lava is pink, entrances and monoliths are purple now
[x] Unit rendering order fixed, now it is strictly top-to-bottom ordered
[x] debug/cheat codes added - when nothing else helps, we do ctrl+c, then type in magic word or two.

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