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W.Essense v0.89a released:
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Balance Adjustments:
[x] Limited life time for Mirror Images: cloned image lives for 200 turns only, then disappears
[x] Limitation on the number of clones: 0-1 clones exist = 2 clones produced, 2-3 clones exist = 1 clone produced, 4+ clones exist = spell fails
[x] Aura will wear out in 500 turns after activation

New Features:

New Location: Underground Caves. Recommended for experienced adventurers!
[x] Whole new territory to explore, full of Undead and dangerous monsters
[x] Accessible by trapdoor from the surface, take stairs to climb back to the sun (white dots on minimap, same as shops)
[x] Caves are full of gold. I mean, really! This gold is well-guarded, though - watch your steps or die
[x] It is permanently dark in Caves.. use Light Aura, or expect poisoned arrow shots from the dark
[x] There are no villages to get healing services, so stock up with Heal spells in advance and use healing potions sparingly

New enemies: Dark Elves. Live in Underground Caves only, extensively use poison and spells.
[x] Fighter = poisoned hth
[x] Ranger = poisoned ranged
[x] Lizard Rider = high-hp spear thrower
[x] Scout Party Leader = strong hth
[x] Matriarch = powerful spellcaster

Enemy mages will now periodically cast spells on player and player-friendly units.
[x] entangle - on player
[x] entangle, charm (unit turns aggressive), frenzy (attacks randomly), sleep - on friendly units

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