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W.Essense v0.88a just released. Features Magical Auras, Taverns and bugfixes

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W.Essense 0.88a is released!
Play it online at

Disclaimer: while playable, W.Essense is still in the alpha stage of development, so please expect bugs and lacking documentation.

[x] Invisible barrier will push player away from map borders. No enemies or items will be generated in the inaccessible zone.
[x] "Excessive" armor pct (above racial maximum) will now be displayed as XX% +NN, where NN is the excess.
[x] New unit ability: healer - automatically heals player every turn within certain range.

Tavern (new house type): allows hiring friendly units there
[x] Peasant - cheap hth support
[x] Peasant with torches - cheap ranged support
[x] Archer - basic ranged support
[x] Javelineer - improved ranged support, poisoned javelins
[x] Elven Shaman - personal healer for hth fighters, does not fight
[x] Dwarven Stalwart - heavy tank support for ranged chars, high hp and high armor

Temple (new house type): allows buying Auras
[x] Light Aura, night/evening/morning darkness is not so dark anymore
[x] Healing Aura, Heals 12 hp / turn, cures poisoning, bleeding,
[x] Thorns Aura, HTH attacker receives 50% damage back
[x] Reflect Aura, RNG attacker receives 50% damage back
[x] Holy Aura, x2 damage to Undead, scares non-crowned Undead away from player
[x] Battle Aura, Damage increased by x1.5
[x] Armor Aura, Enemy damage is reduced by 50%
[x] Magic Aura, +7 magical damage / attack
Note: Only one Aura could be used at a time. Auras do not have expiration time for now.

[x] Quest-guardian monsters upgraded - both in ability and aura areas.
[x] Shops are now represented by white dots on the minimap, houses are in light brown.

Flaming Sword:
[x] grants +15 HTH damage, if character has hth attacks
[x] character gets Battle Aura

Elven Necklace
[x] grants +15 Armor
[x] character gets Heal Aura

Dwarven Holy Book
[x] grants +15 HP
[x] character gets Holy Aura

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