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Delays and delays and delays... but things are still happening!

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Just a quick update today, mostly about Elite Treacle though partially about the mod too.

Basically, I've been busy with other things and thus have not gotten too much done over the summer, which is a shame. However, I did find time to write a new website which can be found at There is a blog and a forum (currently down due to an onslaught of spambots) and so on.

Now, onto the mod. So far I've been working on the intro map and generally restructuring a section of the progression of the game. I realized that it just didn't feel right to have the first chapter of exploring through unseen areas being a non-interactive cutscene so I've begun work on making this level completely playable. Wrestling with NPCs in Portal had better be worth it, let me tell you...

Now, onto some other things. If you'd like to have a taste of my level design then you can hop onto two maps I released for Portal 2, both for the TWP Mapping Contests in 2011 and 2012. These maps, Core Civ and Cave's Caves are pretty good in my eyes (with Cave's Caves being the better of the two) even if they do suffer in part from a bit of a weird puzzle layout (though that is just how my head works). If you play these and think that Outside Influence will suffer from the same design issues then don't worry, OI will be heavily playtested before release (unlike the rushed releases of the two Portal 2 maps).

Anyway, I'll catch you all again sometime soon. I might have pictures to show of the mod soon, but I'm at the point where I'd like to keep as much of it as I can as a surprise...

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