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Here are the details on how to join for if you're interested in joining our team, and the links to places where you can follow the mods development, apart from here.

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So, this article is to coincide with the article on Total War Center. as I realized that many people have visited the page but not watched the Announcement Video. We are actively recruiting modders with the following skills:


3d Modeller(Top Priority!). Medieval 2 Total War modelling is done in Milkshape 3d.

Texture Artist(for campaign map textures, ground, trees, mounttains, etc.)

CSM Artists(For Campaign Map Assets, Towns, Trading Resources, etc.)

Battlemap Artists(To coincide with new CSM's and other custom tiles)

If you know how to do any of the above within Medieval 2, please don't hesitate to join our Discord and apply.

Here are all of the links related to the mod:

My YouTube channel, where video dev diaries will be posted in future:

The mods Total War Center Forum Post(Currently TWC is offline, having server problems):!-Details-in-first-Post!)&p=15968893#post15968893

Our Public Discord Server(Please note we are not answering any direct questions on the mod at this juncture):

That will be all for now, new details hopefully coming soon! Thanks for reading!

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