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Our little introduction to us and the world of Dead Heat

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Hello everyone!

We are Saxon, a small developer with an international team of talented artists, programmers, and musicians. We have been working on Dead Heat for over 3 years now. Our vision is Dead Heat; a post-apocalyptic Gothic Noir Adventure game. If that idea sounds appealing, let us elaborate.

Dead Heat explores the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse that took place in 2032. Where the majority of Humanity had scrambled into hiding. The next 18 years would play out as was often predicted. Small enclaves of survivors scavenging desperately for food in abandoned buildings. Daring not to travel into the monster-filled cities.

But that's not where this story takes place.

New York; in the year 2082. The world looks a much darker place. The gleaming skyscrapers iconic to the cities skyline have been replaced with concrete, gothic spires. The streets grow eerily dead at night, and they're walked by both humans and Zombies.

Take on the role of homicide detectives Sonja Vargas and Lilith Troy, as they seek to solve a murder, in a world where death can be a second chance.

We will be posting updates on new features added to the game's demo here, as well as on our Twitter & Tumblr Page. We hope you'll come with us on our journey to make Dead Heat a reality!

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