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Hello Everyone! I'm excited to bring you a first look at Azure Sky Project! This game is a 2D Tactical Shooter with freedom to play however you want. The game features both a full, hand built campaign and a randomly generated mission mode.

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Azure Sky Project is going to be a 2D game that gives you complete freedom when playing. Though the missions are set up like mini-puzzles, you can play them in a variety of ways. Go stealth with a silenced SMG and pick off your enemies - or blow through the walls with a rocket launcher and catch everyone off guard. Your choice!

The Game is currently in a state of near-completion. I am working with a wonderfully talented artist to replace my placeholder art and to get things looking much much better than they currently do. Every time I get a new piece of art to drop in, it's like a little mini Christmas treat.

Please stay tuned - I'll update this page as more and more pieces of the game get tweaked so you can enjoy the growth of the project along with us.

Until next time, IndieDB!
-Burgee Games

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