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Star Wars: Galaxy In Despair has started to being worked upon.

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Hey everyone. I'm really happy to present Star Wars: Galaxy In Despair, a new mod for Neverwinter Nights. The basic setting has been written in the mod's main page, but we've prepared a small FAQ for basic questions.

Q: How will you handle the fact that the mod is set 800 years after Episode 4?
A: Well, nothing official has been written about that particular era in the Star Wars timeline, so there's a lot of new content. Don't worry, tough, we won't stray from the cannon timeline

Q:Why are some Republic Soldiers using Master Chief's helmet?
A: Well, that's just a beta helmet. We've just started working on character concepts, so some big changes might happen soon.

Q: Jedi Vs Sith...That sounds a bit familiar.
A: And you're absolutely right. But truth be told, people like when these two old rival clash their lightsabers again, especially when the Rule of Two isn't in effect, so we've decided to add them to the mixture.

Q: Right...But why use Neverwinter Nights as a mod platform?
A: Neverwinter Nights is a wonderful game, and an even more great RPG. Besides, it's really easy to customize, besides having a toolset that's simple to use.

Q: How regularly will you update the page?
A: As often as we can.

Q: When will I be able to play Galaxy In Despair?
A: We hope to have a demo ready soon.

Hope that cleared everything out.

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