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As the time is nearly there I will use the time to say that all work is almost done and we got 2 days left for release. I hope for feedback on this mod, and if you are using it in a clan, team or group: Let us know it. This is very important because without any feedback, suggestions or Ideas Etpub Reloaded wont change to your liking. As we speak there is also being made more skinpacks to choosee from so you later on will have more choices to what member and admin skins you want to use.

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For docs, you can find it here:

This will be updated as we go, so if there's a new feature implemented the docs will also cover this.
Please do remember we're a small mod team and things can take a little time to fix.

The mod will be released in 2 release packs:
-With Lua
-No lua

Both packs will contain all nessecary files to host a server. Such as sample config files, Lua libs and ofcourse the db file for flags.

Mod feedback is welcome either here on ModDB or on the propper forum at TheWolfTeam.

Thx for reading and showing interrest.

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