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With new ideas on how to avoid copyright, we have finally began our return.

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Hello System Shock 2 and Half-Life 2 mod enthusiasts!

Remember Citadel has returned for one last go at recreating the terror that is System Shock 2.
With this though, comes compromise, though at little costs.
In order to avoid copyright we have to change the story a little bit, but we will make sure it fits in nicely with it's own little canon and background.

The premise of the story is a retelling of the original story through a different source, thus creating a few inconsistencies along the way. We aren't telling who or what, but rest assured it will all work out in the long haul.

I have received a Mapper who is helping me figure out this whole mess, and, he's mapping.
We hope to get some pictures up by the end of the month or next month to the latest of MedSci 1 and 2.
They will have nothing to do with Mark Valentine's version of the mod at all and will be a complete recreation with all of it's own bells and whistles.

As always, if you are skilled in Mapping, Coding, Texturing, Sound, Voice Acting, or Modeling; any help or donated works would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I also have a buddy very skilled with webpage modifying, so we should be getting a new and interesting page sometime soon.

Thanks for reading!

/////Remember Citadel and silence the discord/////

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