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Today we discuss the future of CO:A and what we want for the game to be. It is our official announcement of continued full time development of CO:A.

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Hello, again! In the words of GLaDOS, "it's been a looong time." Holidays and school have been a killer. We promise we've still been working on the game, but it's mainly been storyboarding and what features we want in the main game (like dungeons)

Right now we've gotten random encounters pretty much covered and the combat system down. We cleaned up the UI from the previous version and added a bit of music our friend made for us. Expect fanfares and a title theme. We also redid the tutorial slightly, but we're going to change it to include our new gameplay features once we've gotten them implemented.
We've also implemented death and how it affects the player with a few randomized death messages that range from cryptic and serious to surrealistic and a silly one because the one thing our game obviously needed /more/ of was its weird humor. I, the writer, have also fleshed out a bunch of the countries and their culture and technology and I'm super excited for when we get to that point. Since Rettis is basically 'Merica and a mix of all sorts of people, I'll be able to give you a few samples of what it's like elsewhere around the world through dialogue and books.

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