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due to recent absence i haven't updated in quite a while so here goes...

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firstly thanks to all the support from friends on moddb and at home, also i see that new content has been added and i would like to that those who took the initiative to do so.

down to business, i have been keeping an eye on the sith lord clan and it seems we are in much need of members and content, so put the word out to all your friends here on moddb, come to us!!.

next there have been some pm's in my inbox that have been interesting... 'you don't know how to run a group properly so f*** o** ', THIS MUST STOP!!! if you have any ideas to contribute to the betterment of this group, fair play, but don't whine to me without offering solutions!, thankfully the pm's i am talking about don't originate from anyone in this group.

i have been using a site called, this is a free movie site that lets you watch movies that are still in the cinema, before you say so, it IS legal, i have recently been watching Transformers dark of the moon, further more i have put in recommendations for Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 in, so that should come up when the movie is released in the cinema, which hopefully won't be long, this is a free site you do not need to pay to watch the movies although i find that the MEGA VIDEO link has a time limit on so you can only watch a certain amount before having to wait before you can watch more, however the NOVA MOV. link is fine and you can watch all you like.

another site which you may find useful is, this site offers everything from maps to total conversions for the Star Wars Empire at war game inc. expansion, also the site itself has links to other games such as battle for middle earth (lotr) or black and white, however if you like the more extensive mods moddb would be your best bet.

i hope to add more content soon.

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