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Just in time for the Indie of the Year Event. We are here to let you know how we are doing...

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Following a period of inactivity on this site as we initially headed and proceeded with work on our Dev forums. We realized this event was to good to pass up and so they sent me down here to tell you whats up!

Hi, It's been awhile! To those that are wondering and still pondering if there is still life out there and whether or not we died into raptures... WE ARE ALIVE AND WELL!

We just have been crept away for a long time, to succeed in our primary aim to steam roller ahead in our work we have been commencing on our Dev Forum -which we only recently made private in a bid to suprise you all for the release we have planned and currently making.

What I can tell you now at this stage, We have changed our name! Yes if you are wondering what happened to the page of BZ3: Project Genesis...DON'T WORRY - THATS US :). We changed our name due to possible and forseeable IP and Material Infringement and we wanted to create a game that would embellish and elevate Battlezone in Spirit, and in doing so came to the name.

BIONITE: Origins

Our Logo In Progress
Logo in progress

We are covering alot of ground and the name change is only a fraction of what has been done behind closed doors. Also I announce our own public website is in the works, since our recently privatised Dev Forums have done much to unfortunately push people into the dark about our project.

But Rest Assurred it will be arriving soon!

Here is a youtube update from the progress of what we are making towards our Official Alpha.

For now I have to keep this article brief as there will be more news and exciting disclosures to come!
HOWEVER: Please Head over to the images section and you will be jaw dropped on the recent revisions of our RAZOR model which have been textured by our Artist Guru xbi0h0gx who impressed us with his New Dawn Textures and so kindly agreed to become part of our team. And since then we have never regretted his arrival!

Also in light of the Indie of the Year Award. We graciously ask You and Our Fans to VOTE for us so we can at least make it to the Top 100!

Indie of the Year Awards

See you around! :D

Waseem Faraz Butt
PR Department & Audio Team Composer

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