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I recently discovered an entire plethora of new bugs in DSTNM, and am working on yet another patch, but I'm taking my time on this one, for the sake of not having to release a billion patches. I've currently worked out ALMOST everything, but in the meantime am adding a bunch of new content that will make this patch more fun. The big problem I'm having right now is that after tweaking a couple of things, my prototype DSTNM v1.4, always crashes after 2 map changes, exactly 2, no exceptions. -_- F-

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-New character (he has augs)
-3 new weapons
-a crapton of bug fixes
-new configurable variables (a big one is being able to restore classic TNM names on the unique weapons, and I suspect this is the cause of the crashes)
-the easter egg weapon now has 2 more modes
-comes free with 3 packs of my blood and sweat, and a sample of my crushed hopes and dreams. (no, not really)
-several new executable commands, for messing around and such...
-hopefully more revolutionary feets (i'm working on something really exciting, but it's got a lot of work left to be done)
-did I mention bug fixes?
-and a game crash every other map change, free of charge! (i'm working on it >_<)

EDIT AS OF 11/12/10:
-2 New weapon sounds since last
-Quite possibly a fix for the game-crashing lameness of the previous bug, yet now another has arisen that I think I'm going to be able to fix sooner...
-Another new character, this one is an easter-egg NPC, and carries a unique weapon (its pretty hilarious)
-Nostalgia mode, unique weapons now have their old owner names re-enstated by default, but this can be turned off (but who would want to?), and an optional, but not default, re-packing of the old TNM quotes at the loading screen.
-another 4 new weapons
-fire extinguishers have been pimped out so they use environmental training skill (they don't upgrade it, though) & most importantly, they can now be shot, and they will explode in fragments, fire, and halon gas just like a REAL fire extinguisher!
-3 new ammo types
-advanced configuration of the first of the new NPC's [you'll see ;3 ]


Sweet :)

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WCCC Author

haha, thanks. even more stuff has been added now, I'm going to update it...

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