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Why I've been neglecting to post here, my still working on the game and when I predict to have more updates.

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Hello, followers of Super Smash Bros. Feud.

Tabuu here, to apologize for not posting anything in over a month.

I just want you to know that I am still committed to making the game. Nothing will ever change that unless I'm dead, or too sick. I've just had other things pop up. For starters, a new RPG Maker engine was announced. I thought of holding out and waiting for it due to it having a higher screen resolution than VX Ace. But then I found out that it uses JavaScript instead of the RGSS I've grown used to. That turned me off big-time, mainly because the four-player game pad script will no longer work. So I will be sticking with VX Ace. I'll just have to wait till the HD plugin that is being worked on on the RPG Maker Web forums is available again. I've been doing some research into that and it's been taken down for what I assume to be an update to it.

Either that or a better-performing limit breaking RGSS3 script is made. The one that's available apparently has pretty bad performance issues. I would gladly write it myself, but sadly I don't know how to work outside the boundaries of scripting to customizing the engine itself.

I want to be able to use a larger, wider screen resolution and better 2D graphics. For some pseudo HD. I want Feud to be the absolute best Smash fan-game I can possibly make.

So what'll happen is, in the mean time I'll keep working on Audio assets (sound effects, remixes and also tracking down raw audio for Original songs) and the animations of the newcomers. I still have a lot of asset-related stuff to do, including models for more fighters that aren't yet available to make into sprite animations. It will keep me occupied for the time being. And then I'll have to re-do any and all interface graphics to fit the new screen size. Which will enable more detail as well! Lots of editing will be required. I wish I had known about this HD thing sooner. Perhaps I'll be able to focus solely on the coding if all goes right.

Hope that clears some stuff up. See you next time!


Glad to see this still being worked on, thanks for the update! :-)

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TabuuForteAkugun Author

=) I'm really glad to have a follower like you. Thanks.

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