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Updating the current status of the updatable game shoe string shooter.

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I have been working on SSS(Otherwise I wouldn't update, right?).

I have created a new map, the cave map, with obnoxious tessellation. Recorded a play video, but it's a bit dated as I improved performance and quality since then.
Well I wanted a more up to date video, but I didn't have anyone to play with(sob sob).

I have been fixing bugs, improving performance, adding features, eating cookies. The usual stuff.

I am working toward the first goal of releasing something you can pick up and play, more or less.
Hopefully there are going to be enough mass of people so that people will be able to find each other online.
If that won't happen, I will have to think of single player... hmm...

Standard update is standard.

Anyway, if you have any tips on how to make this game better, what interesting things you want to read\hear about...
Do you want to see more artwork? Do you want to see fancy DX11 stuff? Do you want me to write poems? More gameplay?

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