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We hit 43 on the popularity list of ModDB! That's a great accomplishment.

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I'm very grateful to announce on Brutal Vanilla Doom reaching 43 in popularity, Very good guys, Well done! Couldn't have done this without you, And the mod is only 6 months old! I'm replacing the chaingun with an assault rifle in 4.0, Felt like letting you guys know as a treat for this, It only gets better from here.


You didn't achieve anything.

"But nobody remembers that this mod isn't supposed to be good, It's a DEMAKE"
Demakes aren't supossed to be bad, they are supossed to achieve a similar feel and enjoyment on older hardware.
You didn't achieved that.

"It'd be hypocritical to criticize this mod for being bad, But praising another demake for the same thing."
And you had to try and give a bad review one the one who did it good don't you?
The other mod isn't being praised without a merit, the author did accomplish what you wanted to do, and he did it properly.

As a modder I know that working with Dehacked is a pain, and maybe you where new to this and it was a hell of a ride. That's completely fine.
But purposely giving a bad project, while bashing other similar ones, and congratulating yourself by denying the well deserved critiques.
Is very pity of you.

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