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Add some new weapons and secondary fire functionality to some we will keep as much as we can of the game and are shooting for around 70% original turok dinosaur hunter game content and the rest will be personal touches such as....

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Add some new weapons and secondary fire functionality to some we will keep as much as we can of the game and are shooting for around 70% original Turok dinosaur hunter game content and the rest will be personal touches such as new weapons hidden in secret areas threw out the game we are also going to add new functionality for some of the weapons such as iron sights and some secondary weapon functions that will make the weapons act in more interesting ways we will be keeping as much of the game as close to the original as possible to keep the Turok experience the same with very little changes for the fans and the new functionality will be to make the game more fun and approachable by everyone. We both hate games that change too much in the remake such as golden eye 007 and we promise you we will not be doing anything like that. The changes are mostly for the sake of fun and enjoyment we all know the weapons in turok were pretty outstanding and memorable and we would like to see more weapons like the older ones so people have more to play with, we will be hiding the weapons in out of the way places where they wont be too destructive for the story or the game play for the ones who wish to skip them, there will be no penalty and the weapons will not be set up to be better or worse then the others but balanced at around the same power as the original we will also be taking some weapons from other games in the series up to rage wars and adding them in for fun and continuity we will be adding a clip system to some of the weapons to make them more realistic and give a more tactile sense of game play as long as it doesn't break the experience too much this is still debated but with some of the new weapons we want to add a clip system would be almost required however we are also thinking that the clip system would work soaly on the new weapons if it breaks the experience too much. the whole idea of the remake is to bring back that same feeling we all had when we first played turok back in 97 not say we can do better, or we think these things need to be changed and break the experience all together, here are some of the things we are changing besides the weapons and mostly cause we want to bring some of the game play elements of today's shooters to a great game.

Clips - each weapon will use clips as long as its not to destructive to the turok experience we will also give the option to turn this off for those who feel it is destructive to the experience.

No auto aim - the original had horrible controls so it forced auto aim which would explain why there were no cross hairs and we want to make the game more about skill rather then just pushing a button.

We will give the option for using Joseph Turok or Tal'Set this will be 100% aesthetic and will have no changes to the story but there are some that feel Joseph should have been the character rather then Tal'Set so we will be giving the people their option at the start of the game.

We are also looking at adding an intro from the manual so players whom have never played the original and don't have the manual laying around will know what is going on.

we are also looking at adding in some new weapons that will fit in with the game such as the plasma rifle that replaced the pulse rifle in the second game, this will not be alien tech but human future tek and will use specially designed plasma tipped bullets as well as act as a bolt action sniper rifle.

We are opening up the levels reducing the fog a bit in some areas and making it thicker in others so you can see for longer distances we are also making the levels a tad bigger in some places while trying to keep the tight spaces the same to give the claustrophobic feeling from the original. we have most of the models done some i scowered Turbo squid for to help speed things along and some do not come with textures so we have to texture them and edit some of them before they are ready to go in game.

we have more new but i would like to save something for the next update hopefully by then i will have the first level complete and our coder will have some of the game play elements ready and we can release a video and screenshots also maybe even a simple beta.

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