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Welcome to the Call of Duty Zombies page! The goal of this page is to support custom zombies and the fan base as much as possible! With custom map downloads , custom mod tools and more!

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"The Call of Duty Nazi Zombie community group is finally considered up!"

After dedicating some time into the page, I've managed to post some maps and some images for the community. Even post model tools which you can see here.

I really hope this page manages to get a known impact at all. I really think this page can assist anyone looking to get maps and get mod tools including help from admins and other members. That's what the page is for and dedicated to do. Now I will most certainly post maps and other goodies, but the community is also here to post there maps and other maps while there at it. It's a way to really get this community group up and alive with activity.


We all love our zombies am I right? Some of us enjoy playing the custom maps made, some of us like watching someone play custom maps. And some of us even enjoy playing the Treyarch made maps. Which is all fine, personally I play it all and do it all. It's what I enjoy. The reason I made this page is a place for people to get together and play zombies! Just meet and play. Of course I also feel zombie players are dying out or hiding in small pockets. Like they are spreading thin into other areas and when that happens no one knows where to find a person.

Well I hope this can be a place where everyone can find eachother and form into one massive pocket instead of small pockets. It's a place to talk about maps and talk about the classic zombies we know and love!


Now for the first news on this page I have two things to release to public knowledge! Treyarch is actually considering releasing "Call of Duty Black Ops Mod tools" or other wise known as a "Radiant". A Radiant is a mapping tool used to make custom maps for single player , multi-player and more importantly, ZOMBIES! And in other news Call of Duty Ghosts may also get a Radiant. It may not be zombies but who says they can't mod that into ghosts?

Well everyone, that wraps up this Article. Be sure to take the time to post a map or two maybe even a mappack and help out and become a member! First few members become ADMINS! Have a great day!

Hey wanna play zombies with me?! Well you can! Add me on World At War and we'll game! My account is below!

Add me on World at War! - zippinghick

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