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Welcome to the IndieDB profile for the upcoming game called The Cooperation Game.

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The Cooperation The Cooperation is a group of five Elite (Ex) military personel of various expertise area's who are under contract by the United Global Security Council and protect key area's and structures anywhere in the world.


Players will have to work together in a team of maximum five players.
One of them will be a Medic, Demolist, Hacker, Sniper and Heavy Gunner.

- Only the Medic will be able to heal other players.
- The Demolist can blow up area's that block the team from going further.
- Hacker is our female character which can hack into terminals, pc's and security doors and the likes.
- A Sniper can take out targets on long distance obviously.
- Heavy Gunner is a unit with a Rocket launcher for tank engagements.


- Infantry Barracks for changing class to one of the other four classes.
- An Armory for special upgrades like additional Armor, Grenades, Pistols, Deagles and Automatic Weaponry.
- A Vehicle Factory for the purchasing of tanks, humm-vee's and the likes.
- An Oil Derreck or Platform which simulates a money income of a few credits per second.
- A Vehicle Maintenance Facility for repairing damaged vehicles deducting credits from the driver account.
- A Radar Station for providing radar which will show both Friendly units, Enemy units and objectives.
- A defensive structure for defending the base gate or base in general. Sentry guns and automated rockets maybe.
- A defensive structure to defend against air units such as a Patriot Missile Installation.

Changing Class & Vehicles

Players will spawn in the base in the Barracks building as the "Not Ready" character.
The Player gets a popup menu in which to select what class to change to.
The classes that are taken by another player will show the playername under the class unit graphic.

In a simular way you get vehicles, you walk in the building and press the V key to access the buy vehicles menu.
You can then buy one or two vehicles. For example a humm-vee.
The humm-vee can transport all five players simultaniously, 1 driver, 1 gunner, and 3 passengers.

When all players changed class and a vehicle is bought (note that vehicles are not always available in every mission) the players
walk into the mission start zone. Once all five players are in the zone a countdown of 10 seconds will start after which the mission
is started and players can move into the world.

We are currently in development and don't really have much to show off right now. Everything has to be built up in the Cry Engine 3 SDK and we will make all of our assets ourselves.

Thanks & Join Us
Thanks for your interest in our game, please be sure to register on our forums at to engage in discussions, post idea's and/or questions.

Greetz the The Cooperation Game Development Team.

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