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Welcome to our latest mod: Great Battles of Rome: Gaul. Here in this mod we aim to create a whole new experience in gameplay, with a totally new world and map.

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Our mods new features will include:

  • New Cities, all buildings completely changed to suit the time period. Towns/cites/villages will look different depending on which country it is owned by. (E.g. If town is owned by gaul then thatched roofs, druid buildings, different soldiers etc.)
  • Whole new selection of items, such as weapons, armor, shields. Also brooches and arm rings will be added to the game, which fit the time period.
  • New quests, a few new quests added into the game, such as quests from the roman or gallic leaders, which changes the balance of power in our new world.
  • New animations, Javelins, Spears etc will be added to the game, and new animations with them, such as the spear thrust, and throwing.
  • Arrows, Pilum etc made craftable in the forge, edited stats, some new models, others removed to fit with the setting.
  • New alternate Start to the game, as a gladiator in the arena, being set free. etc.

Lots more will be added to this list as we move further along. If you have any other ideas that can be incorporated please post them.


Hi! Is the mod done yet, can I download it somewhere? when willl it be done? I cannot find any download info... please say it is gonna be realesed soon

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