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Welcome to our official Moddb page for Blackforest Hunt!

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We hope you stick around and like what's in store for the mod, and please be welcome to suggest/ask for a feature for the mod in the comments section!

So far, if you're wondering, we plan to only have one single map in the mod. Due to it's size, and the mod being themed around Blackforest, we think it is the only map needed right off the bat. If you find we should include any more maps, please note they must stay inside these guidelines:

  1. They must stay within Blackforest. That means they can be other parts of blackforest, etc.
  2. They may be "Night" or "Winter", we actually expect to do something like this in another version once the first release comes out.
  3. They may NOT be requests for a city map. You don't hunt in a city.

Whether or not we release a beta to the public (open or closed) is up to us, but due to the mod's nature we will probably not need to do either.

We know a mod community can stay strong and thrive when news, media, and client updates are frequent, and when the mod is designed to fit around it's players. We will make sure we give frequent updates when we can, and we will ENCOURAGE players to develop custom content for the mod. Custom content such as skins and server addons are the two main encouraged ones, and we would be glad to host some sort of custom content boards for the mod if that's what you want.

See you on the Huntingfield, Hunters!
~BF2: BFH Mod Team

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