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Tis the season to be wearing face coverings! And what better faction of Warhammer rocks it better than the Anethema Pskyana, the Silent Sisterhood!

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First, I wish to clarify a few things before diving on in to describing what to expect from this expansion. A question came about, "is this working at all in conjunction with that Adeptus Custodes mod?" To answer that question, there is no way to answer it, for this expansion has not even been launched. I would never know if one day it will be in kahoots with the Adeptus Custodes mod, for that is a project I no longer have power over (haven't had it for a long while but not my concern anymore). I'm not discouraged, nor won't be just because of that. I entrust that it is however, in great capable hands as I was informed by the principal leader but as for it working together with that mod? Fat chance in this day in age and not something to worry about. Only time will tell and I wish them the best with it.

So, the Sisters of Silence was still a faction I from the beginning had plans of giving back to the community in order for Dawn of War to bear even more fruit. But in this instance, I am doing my own thing and it will be separate from the Custodes. It won't be like a Tau and Kroot mixture in one faction. This one is to be it's own main project as there is simply too many ranks and command structures for them both to fit in one faction. Will it be released any time soon? Can't say. I'll be off to study mechanical engineering in the coming months so no promises.

What you CAN get your hopes out of however is that it will be carefully and compassionately worked on by yours truly. Since I for one pay close attention to detail, you can guarantee that this mod will have an interesting feel. I will not be posting article after article though, out of respect for other mods that perhaps do have something important to announce that's worth mentioning or put in the spotlight. I won't even pin it. So this one might be the only one for quite a while.

Now that being said (and I will make it short and sweet), the Sisters of Silence will include as many lore characters as it's safe to add for DoW. Since they are immune to psychic power, they will have a similar but unique system such as a command capability bar like the Dark Eldar/Drukhari faction and a resource apart from req and power (i.e. Ork resource/SoB Faith/DE Soul Essence underneath req and power). The idea for the command capabilities, for the sake of balancing purposes, is to give the faction global or a squad bonuses and immunity towards certain units and abilities that they have, when activated.

The idea of the third resource bar is to work along with command capability options. Depending on which capability, it still shall work like the DE, with the most effective command capability costing the most. I will refer it to as, "Null Resource" for now and there will be a special way to gain Null Points, Null Point Generation, and Null-Based Abilities. I won't go into too much detail as I see it best that it remain a mystery and I also would rather the player get the best out of the experience and see for themselves than me explaining every single nook and cranny with spoilers.

Now they have few vehicles, mainly armored-personnel (APC) which most are grav vehicles and specialized carriers. I will include the low-key vehicles I found and noted down years ago from novels and lore from the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy that I found pretty cool and worth adding.

Well, I said I'd be brief so this is basically what sums it up so far with what to expect from the expansion. I've wiped my feet and ready to put my mind at ease so that I ensure everyone gets what they expect.

If Dawn of War and the lore of Sisters of Silence has taught us anything, it is to not be fooled by silence. If anyone has questions they wanna ask, I will be available to answer them the best way that I can. Stay tuned and march on in the name of the Emperor!


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So the sisters will be primarily a infantry army? No heavy vehicles?

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Moxxie Author

There will be elite vehicular units in the expansion as proper. The relic unit is something i am still debating on.

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well, in the SoBs I liked the penitent engine, lively and powerful at the same time, on the other hand compared to the sniper of the vindicate imerium, the assassin is not so insisive despite his double blades ... So an improved faction would be fun to play. If in addition it is supported by a good scenario, it's a lot of work ... it would also be nice new buildings and a nice atmosphere on the maps. ;) good project to you do not forget: even in silence you are not alone

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