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We have been around for some time, and working on our project for a few months so it is time we make sure we are on your radar! I’m here to just go over who we are and what we have been working on so we don’t get missed in this place of great Indie games.

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Who are Xitol?

You may ask this question when you first come across us, well in short Xitol is an indie team with skilled developers from around the world working hard on one single project. For people who don't know our first project is Zone: The Battleground (which I'll cover more of in the post later on). This is the first game we are planning to ship as an indie team together.

More about Zone

Zone: The Battleground is the first game we are making to explore the Zone universe, we will be doing it in a multiplayer area, yes Zone: The Battleground is all multiplayer. We wanted to focus on an all multiplayer game so that we could show off the universe in a way that wouldn't be over ambitious which is why we will be shipping with 8 multiplayer maps at first, and not focusing on a campaign straight away. Multiplayer allows us to do things that we wanted to make a focus in our game such as player customization, dynamic multiplayer and big games with friends. We want to encourage people to follow our project as we'll make special announcements over the development stages, such as announcing special content to fans or other events such as our Kickstarter.


So to cover more of zone still, we have been working on the universe for some time which means when you get the chance to play or see the game at later stages (when we show it off) you'll see lots of Easter eggs and references to things we haven't talked about and may not talk about during this project. Oh have we talked about space combat yet? I don't think so, so we are adding in space combat as a feature to our game, we know some sci-fi games like this sort of gameplay and game mode so we have put it in there; also let's just say space combat won't be limited to a single space vista either, not that our ground maps aren't cool too (we are still keeping them under wraps for now), we will be exploring different regions of Arcaison throughout Multiplayer to give you a feel for the planet.

The story of Zone

It is true that we aren't covering the story of Zone from the beginning but we are working hard on multiple stories not just to tell from the medium of games but other form factors too (understand that as you will). I can say when we get around to shipping this game we will then focus on the story more from then on (Not a hint of what post production content we are doing at all). Of course if you want to see our back story outline you can see it here, it lists the key dates up to the point of this game so we don't ruin the actual story from then on, that we will talk about more in the future.

Help us develop

We are like most teams still looking for some extra developers to help build our game and add your own unique style and personality to Zone too. To look at our open positions look at our job listings here, we will be looking for people in various roles to help make our game over the coming months.

Become a fan!

Now some things you can do to support us now and quickly is follow our project and us on Indie DB and watch what we get up to, you can also like us on Facebook, Join our Forums and tweet us on Twitter.

Over and out

Thanks for reading and we hope you look forward to more from us.

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