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In this article I briefly introduce my new game Void Mission.

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Void Mission is my first entry on IndieDB, so it's only fair that I
introduce myself along with the game.

For the last few years I have been developing a reusable game engine
called XE2, written in Common Lisp. Lately I've been releasing
some XE2-based games for Windows, Mac, and PC.

The XE2 engine is designed for open-world 2-D games with nonlinear
stories and during development, I've had a back burner project called
Void Mission that would combine the RPG, story, exploration and
procedural content generation of the classic 80s PC game "Starflight"
with the multi-directional shooter chaos of "The Guardian Legend" and
"Bangai-O"---but in a roguelike 2-D game world. Now in production for
an August 10, 2010 release, "Void Mission" is a stand-alone
introduction to the Void Mission universe.

It's a bleak future, with a series of energy and environmental crises
leading to government/corporate control of humanity's only remaining
energy source, the rare interstellar material Endurium. In the year
2061, a new high-powered telescope operated by Xiomacs Corporation
detects a pattern of gas streamers radiating high in the ultraviolet,
within a cavernous void in galactic space. Subsequent observations
show that the streamers are emitted from a string of black holes. The
scientists, seeing the pattern's obviously artificial nature, guess at
a propulsion method being used to drive a spacecraft, and begin to
look for something at the trail's leading edge. Very quickly the
calculations fall into place: the source of the black holes is an
object about as massive as Jupiter, but much smaller and far more
dense. And it has been accelerating for 1.2 billion years by riding on
streams of gas being ejected from the black holes at relativistic
speeds. It is given the name DVO, for Deep Void Object.

Next week I'll begin quietly testing the game on Linux and Windows players, with Mac testing to come later. Stay tuned to this page for more screenshots, gameplay videos, and news.

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