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Update of changes to "Welcome to Undercog" following player feedback from Too Many Games convention in Oaks, PA

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Too Many games was a blast And I got a lot of good feedback.

The main feedback that merited changes was:

  • Attack area is too small and players had a hard time landing hits
  • Animation speed on attacks was too slow
  • A few bugs where the slope exceeded the limit set by the character controller

So in response I went through and made the following changes:

  • Attack area increased by x1.5
  • Attack speed increased by x1.25 - x1.5 (depending on attack)
  • cleaned up the ground a bit to eliminate catch point

A few additional changes

  • Inventory unload bug for demo fixed
  • Moved GUI from old Unity GUI method to Canvas system
  • more distinct inventor item icons

Added to Undercog:

  • The Znail Sapper
    • A Smaller single use version of the Znail with a higher movement speed that dies on attack
    • the concept for this enemy is an aggressive immature Znail that might not have a handle on it's discharge ability yet.


Changes still pending:

  • Discard method for inventory
  • Item descriptions in Inventory Screen
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