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Some first words by me about this project. I explain what you can expect when from this project and how you can support it with your help.

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welcome to this project and i am glad, that you found it.

Maybe some of you know my name from other FreeSpace 2 campaigns or mods, or from my playthrough videos from different FreeSpace 2 modifications on Insane difficulty on YouTube. Maybe you are only to start your interest in Ancient-Shivan War after you watched my playthrough of the first both Acts.

Ancient-Shivan War Act III to V was cancelled before the Release of Act II. But thanks to the guys from the ASW Team they released all materials they have for the remaining modification so other people can maybe continue or even finish the work they have started.

With this modification i try to finish at least the first part of Act III that was in development before the Team decided to stop the work on it. Even i do not plan to create Act III Part 2 or even Act IV and Act V, i want to be sure, that their work they have done so far was not in vain.
There exist a prepared story for the first part of Act III, so this modification try to bring this story back to life, so that you can really play and experience it, instead to think about it in your imagination.

For the best possible experience of it, i am looking forward for your help. As you may know, some ships from Ancient-Shivan War Act III were released untextured or even with unfinished models. It would be very helpful if someone want to finish this models, even if are able to create ship gauges (or in Freespace language: The "Player Shield" monitor) for the Act III player ships you can help this project, otherwise you will have to play with some unfinished ships, models and with placeholders in your cockpit later ;-).

Because also Act I and Act II have some minor bugs in their last release, i also decided to fix all these errors in the old release also for a flawlessy experience. If you remember some bugs or typo errors in the missions of the two acts, you can report them to me with a private message or with a comment. Even if i already know about them, write your bugreport :).
The update of the Act I and Act II missions will be the first step of this project. Also the Coop conversion of the first acts will be released before the actual Act III Part 1, at least in a Beta Version. Not only because i need balancing-, difficulty- and bugreports from players that are actually want to play ASW in Coop, but also because multiplayer adjustments of already existing missions are easier than to create completely new ones.

I hope you are looking forward to this project and want to support it :)



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