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Making great progress just need some more help please

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In the past month or so a lot more progress has been made ,as of me and tom learning how to use 3ds max. So more skins are being made more often , mainly ported from Lord of the rings total war.

As the Co developer of this mod ,it gives me great responsibility to keep every member up to date with progress until a demo has been made to download. (which will happen very soon)

Here is some information about the mod so far:

The mod as it's base was created on the "Corsairs Magic Storm" mod from where Tom edited and changed the textures and names of majority of the entities to fit the lore and environment of a Middle Earth like setting. In doing so ; very detailed maps have been made and a full Lore has been written all accurate to the Third age history with just some added extras such as , Gunpowder, Settlements , Towns, Cities , Battles , Campaigns Etc.

The mod as of the latest update to v.3.265.0 did stop working but with the help of Juju44330 it has been made compatible again. We are now looking for somebody to make fauna for some models we have acquired such as trolls , Mumakil , Wargs , Fell Beast , Dragons, Orcs , Goblins Etc.
We are constantly on the lookout for people who can do this.
We feel that this mod could become very popular and could work really well if the right amount of effort and imagination is put into it.

The BUGS that we have encountered up to now:
1) Weapons are not firing more than one shot
2)Suppression from weapons makes units flee and take cover (could be fixed if weapons are given properties that of artillery maybe)

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