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Allow me to introduce my game "The Core". A space trading adventure exclusive to the iPad.

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Hello IndieDB. I'm Quick Fingers, just a regular game developer trying to make it on my own. I'd like to introduce you to and get you upto date with my first pet project "The Core".
I've always been a lover of space adventure games, from the epic space opera's like wing commander and privateer to the dwarfing experience of elite and even the ludicrously epic Eve online.
When I set out starting the GDD for this project my main goal was to try and capture the scale of the elite series of games and present it in a more friendly interface that wouldn't put people off that couldn't quite grasp the newtonian based flying model.

The essence of the game will be an elite space trader. With all the economics that comes with it. Maintaining good relationships with the 8 different races that inhabit the core will be critical to your success. Other activities will be available such as planet scanning, mining asteroids and of course, the critical element, combat with pirates and other pilots.

Every colonised system in the core (not all have colonised planets) will have its own unique marketplace, a unique forum for finding extra pilots, people offering jobs, solo traders etc, a shipyard where you can upgrade or part exchange your ship, and a diplomacy where you can try and impress the system's race by bribing or completing missions, get a license for restricted market buying and selling and if your feeling dangerous, start a fight.

Aside from the sandbox style play there is also a campaign style set of missions that play out along side that unlock an involving story where you discover secrets about the core, its inhabitants and your past.

I've been developing the game in my spare time, which admittedly isn't a great deal. But it's been a labour of love and still is. It's been in the works for approximately 5 months now and is finally taking shape. I estimate myself to be about half way through and am aiming to get the game out in time for the holidays this year.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading, I have a few plans to unveil more about the games ships, weapons and upgrades in the future, and post a video tutorial on my procedurally generated universe and the techniques involved in creating the stars names.

You can always check the blog over at to check for further updates, although I will strive to keep this space as up to date as the main site.

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