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Welcome to Overhaul.


Half-Life: Overhaul is a Half-Life modification where our goal is to do the same things Gordon Freeman has done, but with better equipement.

We basically add/modify to the original Half-Life experience to make it smoother, while still keeping the good old feel.

90% of things included in the game were suggestions from people taking part in the project. You can also suggest and give us ideas right now! We're just starting this project.

Release Date

We do not have an estimate release date for the moment since, we're trying to make the game off suggestions & ideas. However we plan on releasing the first beta of the mod somewhere near October 2017.

Alpha v0.1 Changes

  • New Features
    • Added Sprint Ability
      • Players can now press SHIFT (Changeable on the keyboard options) to sprint and move at a faster speed.
      • Limited Stamina that recharges when you stop sprinting.
      • Can only Sprint with the HEV Suit on.
  • Modifications
    • Egon Gun
      • When firing the Egon Gun, you'll walk at the 15% of your max speed (really slow)
    • Pushables
      • Pressing E on a pushable no longer makes the player go at really high speeds.
      • Pushables no longer go at really high speeds when a player presses E on them.
    • Player Movement
      • Player now moves at 75% speed.
      • Fixed a bug when the player uncrouched fast, causing a small leap to ocurr.
    • GUI & HUD
      • Changed most of the GUI's colors to Light Blue variants.
      • HUD is now Light Blue/Blue.
      • Added menu music (Half-Life (PS2) - Menu Theme).
    • Miscellaneous
      • Using Sven Co-Op weapon models.
      • Using Sven Co-Op NPC models (some of them).

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