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Introduction to the "Operation Remembrance" mod for EA's "Battlefield: Vietnam"

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Hi there!

I'm Denal Douglas, the creator of "Operation Remembrance", and thanks for coming to take a look at my mod. I know a lot of people have long-since forgotten Battlefield Vietnam, but there are still a few people out there who love it. I've been working on Operation Remembrance since 2012. It started as something for my own enjoyment and eventually turned into something I decided I wanted to make available for everyone to play. As far as I know, "Operation Remembrance" will be the largest and most historically accurate game ever made about the Vietnam War.

Technically speaking, Operation Remembrance is a full patch for Battlefield Vietnam, not a mod. Because of the countless changes I've made to the base game's files, it would be impossible to make it truly function correctly as an add-on; instead, Operation Remembrance will replace the vanilla version of BfV. This means that no other mods will work with the game as of yet. A release of an appropriately-modded version of the official WW2 mod is planned, and should be released sometime either in late 2021 or early 2022, depending on a variety of factors, including what's going on in my life outside of modding.

One thing I want to put out in the open from the beginning: Operation Remembrance uses components from a number of other mods, including BfV: Arsenal, BfV: Point of Existence, Battlegroup Vietnam, Bf1942: Forgotten Hope, and Bf1942: Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons. The creator of Arsenal has given his permission for elements of his mod to be used, while there is no valid contact information for the PoE team and therefore no way to contact them. Messages have been sent to the developers of the other three mods but as of the date of this posting, a month has passed since those messages were sent and none of them have responded, so I'm assuming freedom of use for their material. ALL MATERIAL USED FROM OTHER MODS/CREATORS WILL BE PROPERLY CREDITED TO THE ORIGINAL DEVELOPER(S). Remember those loading videos from when you first start up BfV? As long as I can make it work, I'm going to add another video that includes a detailed breakdown of what assets were imported from other mods, so that no one thinks I made something that I actually took from another mod. But don't worry, you won't have to watch that video every time you start the game. It will be possible to skip it. If anyone from Point of Existence, Battlegroup Vietnam, Forgotten Hope, or Forgotten Hope Secret Weapons wants to contact me and talk about my use of elements from their mod, please do. You can message me here on ModDB.

So what can you as a player expect to get out of Operation Remembrance? Quite a lot. The following list is just a sample of what's coming up when the mod is released:

********************************************************* New Maps: ************************************************************

As of right now, only a few new maps are planned for the first release version of Operation Remembrance. Some of these are copies of existing maps with the focus on a different area. For example, Defense of Con Thien, a map from the vanilla game, is now set exclusively in the bottom half of the map, while Across the DMZ is set in the top half of the same map. This allows for more focused gameplay and encourages players to experience and enjoy the details of some of the larger maps that would normally be overlooked. A number of maps from different creators will also be included. Most of these creators have not responded to messages sent to ask for proper permission to use their work, largely because the maps were created so long ago, so I'm assuming freedom of use if I don't get a response. Every map used from a different creator will be properly credited as the original maker of the map in the map's loading or briefing screens. The list of maps planned to be in the first version is currently:

Welcome to the Jungle

Operation Flaming Dart

Ia Drang Valley

Landing Zone Albany

Valley Assault

Operation Game Warden

Operation Hastings

Nung River Mouth (Previously known in the vanilla game as "Operation Irving")

Operation Cedar Falls

Defense of Con Thien

Across the DMZ

Fall of Lang Vei


Quang Tri-1968

First Battle of Saigon (Previously known in the vanilla game as "Saigon-1968")

Reclaiming Hue

Siege of Khe Sanh (Focuses just on the action around Khe Sanh Combat Base)

Operation Pegasus (Focuses on the relief columns sent to Khe Sanh, and the combat they faced in the surrounding area.)

Hamburger Hill

Ho Chi Minh Trail

Cambodian Incursion

Operation Lam Son

Quang Tri-1972

Outskirts of Saigon (Previously known in the vanilla game as "Fall of Saigon")

Fall of Saigon (A reworked version of Saigon-1968.)

If every map I have planned for release does actually make it into Operation Remembrance in its various patches and updates, the total number of maps will be approximately 70-75.

******************************************************** Small Arms: ************************************************************

The original BfV featured just 48 kits: 8 for each of the game's six factions. Operation Remembrance features almost four hundred, with dozens of new small arms (infantry weapons) added, including several from various other mods. Some of these include:

Browning Auto-5 shotgun

Browning Automatic Rifle M1918A2

China Lake pump-action grenade launcher

Approximately 40 different M16 or M16 carbine types (various models with different magazine sizes, iron sights or scopes of various powers, underbarrel grenade launchers, or suppressors, including the M16 Model 656 "Special Low Profile" sniper, the M16/M203 combination, the XM177E2 with Colt 3x20mm scope, and the M16A1 with Starlight night vision scope)

M1 Garand (with sniper and rifle grenade-launching variants)

HK54 (prototype of the MP5)

Karabiner 98 Kurz sniper (plus sniper with suppressor/"silencer")

M18 57mm Recoilless Rifle (HEAT, HE, and smoke variants)

M67 90mm Recoilless Rifle

Madsen M/50 submachine gun

PK machine gun

S&W Model 10 .38 Special revolver

M1903 Springfield (multiple variants)

M20 Super Bazooka

M1 Thompson

Type 69 RPG

Winchester Models 1897 and 1912 shotguns

And many more.

*********************************************************** Vehicles: ************************************************************

Operation Remembrance will add many different aircraft, land vehicles, naval vessels, and weapons emplacements. As with the rest of Operation Remembrance, some of these have been imported from other mods, and some are variants or redesigned versions of existing vehicles from the base game. Some of the vehicles that will be found in Operation Remembrance include:

Cargo and gunship versions of the CH-47 Chinook

Douglas C-47 troop transport airplane

5 different variants of the AH-1 Cobra gunship

30+ variants of the UH-1 Huey, including troop transports, gunships, cargo carriers, and guided missile platforms (some of which are largely distinguished from similar designs by having different engine physics, making them more/less maneuverable than others in the way that different UH-1s had various types of engines with different power outputs in real life)

5 F-4 Phantom variants with a mix of guns, missiles, napalm bombs, and explosive bombs

10 different machine gun emplacements, including the Russian DShK and SGM and the American M1919A4 and M2 Browning.

M101A1 105mm howitzer

M24 Chaffee light tank

M8 Greyhound armored car

BM-13-16 Katyusha mobile rocket launcher

M3 halftrack

12 different variants of the M151 MUTT, including unarmed versions, machine gun carriers, and rocket launcher carriers

M8 Scott self-propelled howitzer

TO-55 flamethrower tank

M67 Zippo flamethrower tank

Forrestal-class aircraft carrier

Gearing-class destroyer

Howitzer- and flamethrower-equipped variants of the LCM-6 Tango

And many others.

*********************************************************** Release **************************************************************

As of right now, I have the release date set for October here on ModDB. The truth is I don't know for sure. At this point, everything that's planned for version 1.0 is ready except for the maps and some minor debugging. Depending on how long it takes me to finish the maps and that debugging, Operation Remembrance could be ready a month from now, or it might not be ready until late December. I'm going to do my best to keep everyone informed and updated on the mod's progress, so I'll be publishing articles here periodically. You can also follow my personal Twitter account or the Operation Remembrance Facebook page here:

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