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You wake up to a bright, cloud- and soundless morning with sun glare making its appearance through the vast panorama window which houses your open floor plan penthouse suite. Your gaze wanders down through the multiple stories of the skyscraper in which you live as you take your first peek outside, still in your bed. The buzzing and bubbling city has already started to get its machinery moving for the day, with buses, tow trucks, cabbies and personal vehicles alike moving in nicely organized row

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Welcome to New York Roleplay!

Descended from its French-founded original, New York Roleplay has slammed is gates up to an international stage. This allows the entire English-speaking modern world to take part and bathe in the near-eccentric ingenuity of the enchanting, fun game mode script, the experienced, professional and smooth ways of the server’s management staff sworn and bound not to let true roleplayers down, just to name two out of a ton of good things brought to the table. Furthermore, New York Roleplay can boast with the fact that planning has been carefully conducted over an extensive period of time, with vital server positions necessary to make the game as fun as possible already filled beforehand, along with lots of other behind-the-scenes preparations. Nothing has been left to chance regarding
making the server Your best GTA IV multiplayer roleplay experience ever. The chaos theory is nowhere to be found here. Everything has meaning in NY:RP, even when some things seem not to have it.

Hand in hand with the launch of the first stable client version of IVMP, this server will be simultaneously released to make sure that people can jump right into the lively storytelling fun and action with their characters. If you have prior experience in roleplay, why don’t you migrate some of your old ones if their stories fit, or perhaps start fresh? If you have no prior experience to what roleplay is all about, here below follows a brief, but informative explanation of what the game
mode of Roleplay offers.

New York Roleplay is a server which features realistic, real life-like roleplay, which may differ slightly from the type of roleplay you may or may not have heard of before. Realistic (and real life like) roleplay as we look at it means that the characters we play as move around in a world no different to ours. They maycome from the very same countries across the globe as we do, they breathe the
same air, feel the same as us, and have the same strengths and weaknesses as we’ve got. Rest assured that this means we’ll roleplay in a realistic setting in most if not all ways, which means that Call of Duty/Scarface shootouts are not featured or supported. If you take a bullet in a manner or area which would be life threatening in real life, such as through your throat pulse vein, you will be roleplaying that your character is also mortally wounded and will need stabilisation and treatment within the half hour to avoid dieing. This realistic way of living your second life also ensures that you can make money and live the way as, par example, a millionare would in real life, both being
able to boast with their new found fortune at the club as well as growing paranoid with time due to his or her increased value as a robbery victim.

Realistic roleplay also means that fantasy vampires, werewolves, avatar-men/extraterrestials or other supernatural beings are not able to be roleplayed. Since those evidently do not exist in real life, there can be no roleplaying as characters with extra perks or abilities that make them unnaturally stronger, faster or magical, for example. The magic of your characters instead lies in what you manage to do with your own imagination, creating characters and shaping and molding them with time to become more interesting to the real life people you roleplay with. Your character could for
example be a surgeon with a dark desire to make his own ambitious, yet impossible Frankenstein’s monster-project, stealing bodies from the hospital morgue at night only to try and make his sick dream come true in his own home, which, of course, wouldn’t work out, since making such a living monster is not possible in real life. However, the stories are what entices people to create their
characters and have fun with them. Stories lay as the most important background to movies, novels and newspapers alike, and who knows, perhaps you get your own flash of genius while roleplaying?

None of this goes without mentioning how fun, different and original the game mode is, which
is also upheld and represented nicely by the NY:RP server script, plus it’s also very fruitful for your learning and personal development in real life. As far as script examples go, you’ll be able to experience realistic driving in vehicles as well as a well-developed economy and house system, just to name a few examples out of very, very many. You also learn and perfect your language,
in this case English, in a very fun way without even noticing or that being your goal. Your general knowledge of how systems, organization and everyday things work in real life also gets enhanced a huge lot, since most roleplayers have great expertise in the specific area they roleplay in and will be happy to help you if you show interest. A law enforcement officer (policeman/woman) in New York Roleplay is sure to know a ton of law and proper, real life police conduct to make the roleplay as realistically accurate, and with that, fun, as possible. Imagine getting to know how real life mafia outfits and other criminal syndicates work, where they are from, why they do what they do and how
they think, without that even being what you’re out for! You’re out for having fun and roleplaying, and those nice side effects only sound a hell of a lot more enticing, don’t they?

With this huge amount of text in the back of your head, rest assured that all you’ve just read is true,
and don’t hesitate to register at today to get your journey started! Whether or not you feel more excited about doing what you’ve been reading, once you’ve decided to try it out and started, it’s the new World of Warcraft!.. only that this game and game mode, Roleplay, is better, more fun and useful, close to reality and serves your desires very well. It’s a trip around the world in a can format, so why wouldn’t you want to come along with the rest of us for the ride?!

Start roleplaying with us today!

All thebest,

The New York Roleplay community and server management

© 2012
Majorpluraeng (Kevin Läräng)

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