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Hello, and thank you for browsing my little page about my studio's most recent endeavor, the adventure/memory matching card game known as Flipd! For the first post, here's a little synopsis of the game.

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You, the player, have been stranded on a lonely tropical island for an undisclosed amount of time, with only a card game to pass the time and keep you sane. If the noisy nature of the island's inanimate denizens are anything to go by, that card game failed spectacularly. Not only that, but the citizens of the island-and by extension your psyche-are quite displeased with the situation! This doesn't bode well for you, as although they may be mere creations of a lonely mind, they are certainly capable of manipulation, selfishness , downright idiocy or even violence! After all, you'd be surprised at how much damage a person can do to oneself when their mind puts them to it...

Struggle to stay sane and fail horribly as you explore the lush Flipz Island and meet its inanimate yet obnoxious residents! Will you escape Flipz Island and leave your past behind, or will one friendly card game turn into two, and then three, and then a thousand as your chances of escape disappear into the tropical sunset?

Find out in Flipd!

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