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A first of many updates explaining features and the story of Dustbowl. I hope you enjoy it and follow us through it's development.

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Welcome to the apocalypse, the world is dying and you are just one in a handful of survivors trying to live through the aftermath of a devastated world. Now the surface is a dangerous, poisonous place where mutants and foul alien creatures roam. Trapped in your underground bunker with a handful of survivors you must make your fortune in the wastes, or die trying.

Adventure Dustbwol Combat

There are tales carried in whispers of a place north where your brain fries and your blood boils, where nothing but the most foul can survive, this place is the Dustbowl. Surrounded by myth and mystery, only the toughest of adventurers dare try to make it to the Dustbowl and none ever return. Some believe a great treasure lies in it's centre, others believe a great weapon of mass destruction resides there like an unexploded bomb; others believe it's salvation. What do you believe?


  • Hunger & Thirst: A thirst and hunger system, search the wastes for consumables and keep yourself fighting fit!
  • Fast Paced Combat System: A unique combat system, battling the denizens of the wastes has never been this funky
  • Tiredness System: Sleep to recover your sanity.
  • Monsters & Mutants & Bandits: A multitude of enemies to face in combat keeping the wastes feeling fresh and interesting.
  • Point'n'Click: A powerful adventure system with dialogue trees, puzzles and item looting.
  • Quests!: Collect assignments and side quests and hunt the wastelands for your prize!

More details coming soon!
Pixel Incognito & SN(Svalbard)

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