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An introductory post for both the new mod CnC: Final War and the modder SMxReaver.

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Hi all, and welcome to the new CnC: Final War ModDB page! Allow me to first introduce myself as /SMxReaver, an American modder who has been invovled in the CnC modding community as early as 2005. I was formerly known as m666, and currently am known as m7 at Project Perfect Mod. I've spent many years studying and learning so I could perfect my vision of how Red Alert 2 should be. I've had many other hobbies such as a competitive Magic: The Gathering player and Warhammer 40,000 enthusiast, which I hope to pull influences up in regards to creating a cohesive environment and story to contain the mod, while offering robust, balanced gameplay and many different maps and game modes.

CnC: Final War started a few years ago, designed as a Robot Storm / Project Phantom / AGSA influenced overhaul of the vanilla factions found within Red Alert 2. As progress went on and the mod started to take shape, I made distinctions between the gameplay formulas used in such mods and aimed to achieve more of a vanilla YR feel, while reworking most graphics and several gameplay mechanics. As the project changed more and more from the aforementioned mods and became it's own entity, I lost sight of what I was trying to achieve and disappeared for a few years.

Now, CnC: Final War has returned! Allied forces are led by the Euorpean Coalition, a collective group of nations all acting together under the same diplomatic and military banner in order to bring democracy and capitalism to the rest of the world under the facade of peace and security. Soviet forces have rallied as the Eastern Empire, a large single Nation-Continent bent on complete domination of the planet. Who will emerge victorious in this semi-total conversion set after the events of an Allied victory in Red Alert 1?

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