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Welcome to Battlefield 4 Revisited,a modification for Battlefield 4 aimed to rework some aspect of...

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Welcome to Battlefield 4 Revisited.
This project aims to rework some aspects of your favorite game in a different way than DICE
Why we should be locked with the 7 DLC packs,when we can have our custom weather and settings?

MP_Prison_Sunrise - A.K.A Operation Locker v2
Currently I didnt give it an official name.Many variants come,but you only can choose 1

I cant call this "collection" of footage a modification due to its serious problems in implementing
Many hours must be spent on making the modification to work with the Local Host Servers
The difficultness lets say is higher than intermediate worker on Battlefield 2 Modifications

My target is to make this as compatible with Vanilla Battlefield 4 Servers
Basically,its similar to RockstarCjbr's Back to Battlefield Project

I have no modding skills in games like Battlefield 2,that is true
But i would like to share mine from Battlefield 4

This is the end i guess
Stay tuned for some updates related to project
Chris T

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