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Welcome to our new ModDB profile for the game modification Renegade Domination.

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What is Domination?
On the map are several Control Points which you are to capture by repairing them. When such a point has been captured your team will gain 1 capture-point per second, each map has its own points requirement for winning the game, the more control points you capture the faster you reach the requirement and win the game.

Server Files?
We will have server files up shortly, we are still in the process of developing the maps for this game mode.

What Maps?
Currently there are two custom maps available for the game mode called DOM_Hand_of_Nod and DOM_Node_War which are up for download in the Addons section found on our profile.

Where Can I Play?
Right now we have a server online for testing only and it is not yet publically accessible. We will post a item when that is all ready. Should be very soon.

Our website will be based on

Who Develops This?
Currently i am developing this myself (zunnie) only but i spoke some people who are interested in helping out soon-ish.

Much Thanks!
Thanks goes out to Mauler from the Tiberium Crystal War Team ( ) for creating the CnC3 Based Control Points which are used on the maps.

Greetz zunnie

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