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hello everyone and welcome to my new horror mod for the source engine, i have been working on this for a long time and i hope you guys will enjoy the mod when its going to be fully released and i will try to put in the best amount of horror and action in the mod so this is my welcome news and i hope you stick around.

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so maybe you guys are wondering what this story of the game is about, well what its all about is that your a clone soldier thats working for the ascc and your against another clone program called the rc aka the racoon corp and your just doing your job and get paid well but when you just go about your job you will meet some high ranking personel in your normal job through out your day but then you start too notice some strange things going on and after you start too get interested in whats going on but you try not get caught in the process and after when you know what you saw you will start too question the horrors of what you now know of what you saw in the deepest levels of the ascc and the rc military bases.

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