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Well that's our winter holidays over! We're back full force with even more stuff!

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I'm back!
I'm back which usually means that our break is over and we're back at full pace! A lot of changes are going to be made shortly to get things sped up and get rid of those lazy workers! More on that later.

We are always looking for people to join us and we're going to be putting up a video soon of me being interviewed by a good friend of mine, hopefully that will clear a few things up, as well as this I'm going to be putting up an informational video of why we are a good choice and why you should join us!

Anyway, we are pretty much always looking for new workers, however skill doesn't really matter to us, we'd much rather take someone who's willing to learn and is enthusiastic about their job but isn't the best than someone who is incredible but doesn't really care for the project! For complete job listings go">

Gameplay Changes!
As you know we are forever changing mechanics here and there to improve on gameplay more and more. However we've taken a shine to a new system which we'll be announcing soon, however here's a few mechanics I can promise you will not change:

- 32v32 Player Gameplay
- Use of guns :D
- Catering for short, medium and long range gameplay and allowing for tactical as well as fun gameplay.

Our aim with War of The Servers
So, when Infinity took the project rather than abandoning it and starting again, we set our selves some aims and objectives. Our basic aims are to design a game which will allow for semi-realistic combat that can be played by a range of players. We then set up the ground work for War of The Servers, Server vs Server was the first idea for how players would engage in combat.

What we expect by the end of 2013:

We expect War of The Servers to have passed full beta testing and will be on the road to release. Shortly after we have plans for firing/hiring people. A lot of people at Infinity have grown lazy and I can see why as WoTS is currently at a very daunting stage. Anyway we'll push through soon enough!

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