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I've been a very busy boy recently, working on a lot of balance issues and fixing stuff. Hence the lack of updates. Please read.

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I officially finished school last week (exams are easier than you think, even if you have 30).

So, I'm back and better than ever!
"Mr Knight! Mr Knight!" I hear you cry, "What have you been doing since your exams finished!?"

Balancing, mi amigo, balancing! You want to swing a great sword like a balanced sabre? Tough. Thou shalt swingeth that quick no longer! (Less speed, more damage).

Polearms now all come in light, normal and heavy varieties (costing the same but with damage and speed increases / decreases).

Arrows fly slower through the air now but have a slight damage increase. A visual effect that I really like. There are a few new types as well, iron, steel and piercing (the latter of which does bonus damage to shields).

Armour values and weight have all been (rather tediously) edited and balanced to really allow you to differentiate between light and heavy classes.

"Mr Knight, Mr Knight, what about pistols?" They, my friend, are gone. Buenos Noches pistols. Closest you'll get now is the slow loading, high mortality rate arbalest crossbow. (It makes a cool pistol sound to add to the hype of firing such a brutal weapon).

Villages also now have dedicated guards called Journeymen (they guard farmer parties too).

I've been toying with the idea of a daily or bi-daily wage system. Severely reduced costs (maximum of like 20 denars) but you pay troops daily. However, this would involve balancing enterprises too. So I'll leave it up to you. Yes or no to daily wages? And give reasons!

Anyway, that's all for now,
Much love,
LordlessKnight xoxo
P.S I'll try updating weekly from now on, no promises.


I thought this mod was completely finished...:/

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LordlessKnight Author

I've got so much more to do before I can say that and mean it

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So, you don't have a release date?

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LordlessKnight Author

Not for the grand finale version.

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Welcome back. I wish you all the best for your exams and the progression with the mod. :D

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