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I haven't been up to all that much, I have been piled with coursework which I need to finish.

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Hello, I haven't updated you with much information over the last week and I decided to do this. Firstly, I wasn't able to work on the game all that much this week as I need to start handing in coursework for my subjects. I have been working on a maze game which shall be posted on the website soon. Also, since we are talking about websites, I have put the website back up, slightly redesigned however I am also in the process of designing a fully custom and open source css for everyone to use. You can view it here, I haven't finished it yet, and its no-where near any sort of public use. If you would like to help me with that you can simply message me here and I will gladly involve you with the project.

In other news Alerios Interactive now has a room which you can check out over here : with the lack of progress I decided to post some images of grass, flowers and the dwarven greatsword. All of these still need work and I haven't had the time to include the grass + flowers into the map yet. (there will be multiple maps, don't worry) The flowers + grass are relative to the area that they will be on, for example on a winter map there will be tiny blobs of white grass.


Realm of Dwarves Flowers


Realm of Dwarves Mushroom


Realm of Dwarves Grass

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