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The Weekly update for the week of May 11, 2009 which will answer questions.

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This Week's Weekly Update

A lot has been done this week, starting with the maps. The maps are still in work, we even have a map called "Chicken Hunt!" which is a bonus map.

Questions and answers:

Q: "Will there be a demo released soon?"
A: "Yes, it might be released next week, made up of two maps"

Q: "Will more maps be made?"
A: "I hope so! Two maps isn't going to do the job!"

Q: "Would you like some help on the mapping?"
A: "Yes! any help will be appreciated!"

Q: "Will there be any bonus maps?"
A: "Yes, there will be at least 2 - 4"

Q: "When will this mod be done?"
A: "When it's done"

We have a trailer, which is still being processed but is on youtube, to see it, look at the mod description.

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