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Pixel fonts, more tooltips, more colors and less bugs and more bugs and less bugs and more bugs and less bugs and more bugs (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Not much to show this week since i've been mostly fixing bugs and rethinking a bit my network loop.

I decided to go full pixel and get rid of my font, it wasn't a really fun journey : a weird blur effect appears on the text beside the fact that i'm positioning the text with integers at native font size :

Some fonts were working but most of them didn't so i just removed anti-aliasing for now

  • FIXED a bug where you could attack yourself :3
  • FIXED tower health bars
  • FIXED the charge not playing well with the network corrections
  • FIXED tooltip positions
  • FIXED my circular buffer, again; i will probably break it later...
  • FIXED a bug where high positions deltas wouldn't make the player move
  • REVAMPED the energy system
  • ADDED tooltip descriptions & colors

Note that if you want some more fine grained updates you can check my tumblr devlog here :

I'm still doing my weekly updates here.

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