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We will from now on bring you guys weekly updates on the progress of the game. This week we let you in on the progress and also present this weeks feature which is Character Customization. Every week we will zoom in on a new part of the game to give you a little more insight into what will be Ghostly Horizon.

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Hello everyone and thanks for hanging in there awaiting the upcoming beta of Ghostly Horizon. We are hard at work to get it to you as soon as possible and each day we are getting closer to a release. Currently we are aiming to go live with the beta in about 3-4 weeks time, so not long now until you get to control your Ghost or Ecto for the first time. Exciting!

Weekly updates

As you can read in the header we will now be delivering weekly updates on the development of the game so that you can keep up with progress that is being made. Each week we will also zoom in on a featured part of the game to give you some inside looks on what you will be able to do in the game.

This weeks progress

So what has been done since last time we updated you guys? Well, a lot to say the least. We have built a complete AI system to include in your upcoming battles, which will be an essential part of the Ghostly Horizon experience. The AI will be able to assume different types of roles in the game including Patrol, Guard, Explore, Linger, Hunt, and Combat.

We have finished development of the different game modes, which will be next weeks feature that we showcase for you guys. To let you in on an early secret, Ghostly Horizon will feature 4 game modes: Conquest, Battle Royale, Invasion and Survival. More about this next week.

The game map has gone through a complete makeover now showing Friends, AI, Bosses and Enemy players. Enemies are shown for a few seconds when they take damage and to enable a better co-op experience the map now includes area/biome texts to easier navigate and cooperate with your teammates.

We have also had some work done on our spells including rebalancing all spells and healing spells, replaced two spells (the game now has Meteor and Thundercloud) as well as made all shields better both in use and looks.

To finish of this week’s progress report we would like to introduce our feature of the week, which this week is Character customization.

Feature of the week: Character customization

In any game you play, you want to be able to customize your character after your own preferenses to make it more of your own. Of course, this is possible in Ghostly Horizon. To make your own character more personalized we have included the possibility to change cloths, eyes, crystals, inside glow and more. In below video you can get a inside look on how this is done and what you will be able to do.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the progress of the game and we can’t tell you how excited we are to soon be able to release the beta and hear what you guys think.

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Ghostly Horizon Team

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