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Been super, super busy and I got my self a new build!

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Minor Setback

Well last week I told you I'd show you one of our most anticipated maps. Well I am rather sorry as I've had a minor setback as in I build my self a new gaming rig, only to find out I broke one of the Hard Drives from my old PC in the process. But never fear, all of the WoTS stuff is backed up online, however I haven't got the pictures I took therefor can't show you, I'll make an update later in the week.

Minor story?

Considering everything is minor this week, we decided to add just a little background to the game. As it wouldn't make sense if two factions we're warring with no background. However I had a small idea that may but probably won't go in.

Anyway, there are two factions UN vs URA. I had a small but possibly game destroying idea of when you create a clan, you pick which faction, now this doesn't give you much, however you can only war against opposing factions, let us know what you think!

Well, I did intend this update to be a big one but I lost the damn map, anyway I promise I'll make one later in the week!

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