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Back on with the weekly update, not too much to report this week.

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Recent chats

Well recently we had a debate on kill cams. We think we've finally come to a conclusion on the kill cams. The idea is that if you're playing in Clan Vs Clan, then kill cams will not be in for now. We don't want people seeing your incredible spot just because you killed them. Certain devices will be in place so that a sniper can't just sit up in that hill forever.

Kill cams however will be available in PvP and will not effect XP. Server owners can have them off or on. If the kill cam is on, it will not work like a traditional kill cam. It will be a first person view of your killer and it will be slowed down when they are shooting you, this makes the location of your killer harder to find, but lets not think negative, if you find a good spot, you can also stay there for longer. But no camping, even though its a legitimate strategy. (At one point, one of the devs wanted to make it so you can't stand in the same spot for over a minute, obviously this dev was trapped in the cage for a good 48 hours to think of what he'd done)

Beta, and beyond!

Well as you may or may not know we're not exactly close to beta but we're not exactly a million miles off. But we are trying, and we don't want to rush into things and turn the gameplay into a remake of Call of Duty. (Not that I'm hating on CoD, it's just in my opinion the gameplay is bland and repetitive) War of The Servers aims to introduce a new perspective on the FPS genre.

Anyway, let's have a look what will be available for open beta (Closed beta = Bug test, Open Beta = Stress test):

Max Level: Level 15
Weapons: There's enough to be playing beta for a while anyway.

Server Kit?
Yes, a server kit will be available for the open beta (for the closed one, it's all Infinity servers)
The server kit for the beta will not include clans I'm afraid, however you can create your own ranked dedicated server. You'll be able to select a map rotation and so on right from an installer we've made for your convenience. On top of this a server manager will be included in the installer, so you don't have to use the console if you're not too good with consoles. You can use our interface instead.

A lot more will be available in the open beta rather than the closed beta, but hey if you're a closed beta tester you get awesome goodies.

Infinitum surget supra

Anyways, I'm going to leave it at that because I'm super busy as always, about time I got one of the other devs doing this, thanks for the support! <3

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