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Another small weekly update as the team prepares for the next patch release.

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Hey all it’s time for your weekly update. This week, despite running into some issues with our new multi-threaded game update code, Flavien has made significant progress towards our next patch. While there’s still a lot of work to do on server-side collision detection of objects with planets the rest of the game is working well with the new networking code. We’re looking forward to getting it into the hands of players to put it through a proper stress test. In other news while testing the new path rendering code at 4k I found some new bugs. Unfortunately, this then lead to a vicious cycle of fix a bug, find a bug. The good news is I recently broke the cycle, the last known bug is fixed, and I’ll soon start fixing some website issues including Facebook login. After that I’ll be moving onto the process of building the initial mockup for the game UI.

A crazy shape originally rendered at 4k using our new path rendering

On the art side good progress continues to be made on the destroyer, station materials, and land base. In a week or 2 we’ll begin integrating all of the new artwork from the last few months into the game as we prepare for the next patch. We’ve accumulated quite a bit of new stuff so this is probably going to take one of our artists the better part of a week to complete.

Reusable living quarters greeble for space stations and land bases

That’s all for this week. While the server-side planetary collision detection still remains a major blocker with plenty of R&D unknowns the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to come into view. We’re looking forward to putting this patch behind us and shifting our focus toward completing the Alpha.

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