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In which I talk about my current focus with the game and share a short piano piece.

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Hello again!

This week, I do not have any screenshots or videos for you, as I want to keep as many things a surprise as possible, so this is a short, text-only update of what I'm currently working on in-game.

A lot of my focus has been on specific areas in the game. The layout works such that you have a main dungeon, consisting of various hallways and certain key events, and branching out from it you have other rooms. In these rooms, the player finds items needed to advance the game, enhance the experience, or make life a little bit easier in general. That said, each of these areas takes a considerable amount of time to get just right, but another important piece to this is making sure the game doesn't feel spastic or overly random moving from one area to the next.

This means introducing story elements at the right time in certain portions of the main dungeon to keep things paced properly and flowing at a nice, even rate. This is what I have been working on the past week (in addition to some very secret things that may be shared at a later date).

I also uploaded a short piano piece I wrote for the game as well, which you can listen to here:

Thanks as always for your interest, I expect to have more visual content to share either next week or the week after :)

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