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Another weekly update. Some programing status updates, nothing major in this update, and a look at some more ground base artwork.

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Hey everyone time for your weekly update. On the engineering side we've been working on a couple of different things. For starters the large shape support for UI rendering has entered the final testing phase. Once complete there'll be a code cleanup phase before work starts on font rendering. In parallel to that work continues on merging the new networking code into the game. The system for recording matches for playback has been ported over along with some threading improvements. Flavien still has another week or 2 before he gets fully settled into his new apartment, there were some unexpected issues which were wreaking havoc on his schedule, but that should all be resolved soon.

Initial material pass on the land base command center

On the art side Kristian has started on the material pass for the land base command center - pictured above. Once completed he'll move onto other "modules" such as hangars, power plants, radar, and orbital defense. Each of these provide specific services for a land base and when destroyed affect its ability to function. For example if a hangar is destroyed it can no longer spawn ships. When a land base module is damaged it will slowly repair itself unless it has been damaged beyond a certain threshold, i.e. if it loses 80% of its health or more it can no longer repair itself. Power plants will affect the rate at which a land base is able to repair itself among other things so it's critical they are protected. Jan has been out of town for the last week but once he gets back he'll resume work on station materials.

Another shot of the initial material pass on the land base command center

That's all for this week. Once Flavien finishes moving into his new apartment we hope to progress quickly toward finishing the merging of the new networking code and releasing the next patch.

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